Statement in support of the BSNL strike on 16th November

In support of the strike at BSNL on 16thNovember:


On the 23rd of October comrade Sukender Pal Singh was brutally murdered by Adesh Kumar Gupta, the GM of BSNL in Gazhiabad. Comrade Sukender was visiting the office of the General manager to discuss matters when the GM lost his cool and murdered him. In what can only be described as a brazen show of capitalist cronyism this murderous GM has been using his clout to prevent the investigation into this murder. Despite repeated protests and demonstrations by workers at Ghaziabad, the management has taken no action for the suspension or expulsion of the GM. Neither was any action taken by the local authorities.


On this day workers from all BSNL offices have come out in strike to show their solidarity with the fallen comrade and to demand an immediate suspension of the GM Adesh Kumar Gupta BSNL Ghaziabad. The New Wave and the International Worker’s League – Fourth International express our complete support to the mobilization.



Why Com. Sukender was murdered:


The present General Manager of BSNL Ghaziabad has been attacking BSNL EU for some time now. As part of its latest attacks an eviction notice was sent to BSNL office in Ghaziabad. The reason why BSNL EU is being attacked so thoroughly is not only because it is presently the most militant trade union body in BSNL, but also because the General Manager himself has been involved in corrupt practices draining BSNL financially. Adesh Kumar is a typical oligarch who exploit state companies from within, using them as drains to fund their own ambitions for wealth. Com. Sukender and the BSNLEU was exposing these corrupt practices of the Ghaziabad General Manager of BSNL, after which a concerted attack was launched against the union by the GM.


The murder was the final and most desperate act by the General Manager who was losing ground after the union started appealing to higher authorities for intervening against Adesh Kumar’s malpractices. As of now workers are mobilizing in the Ghaziabad office and in all other offices of BSNL to demand the ouster of the GM and for his arrest under charges of murder and attempted murder.


Time for action!  :


The only reason why GM Adesh Kumar survives in power is because of favor which he has received from the bosses at the in the DOT and in BSNL. Corrupt oligarchs like him who won’t hesitate in resorting to murder survive only because of the backing of equally corrupt oligarchs in power. The police themselves who are bribed have yet to act on an FIR which has been registered against Adesh Kumar.


Our fight is against all those forces which shield exploiters like him, and is in essence a fight to free BSNL from the hegemony of the corrupt. We must build the campaign to get the GM expelled from the management of the company and ensure that justice be done and his arrest is made.


We demand :


1)An independent inquiry:

The police which are under the payroll of the management is just sitting idle and taking no action. Earlier when the BSNL EU demanded that a probe be made into the malpractices of the General Manager by the CVO, no action was taken. The danger of our present effort with the FIR becoming a ‘show’ inquiry remains as well. For this reason there must be an independent inquiry into the crime committed by Adesh Kumar in which representation must be given to union leadership and under open scrutiny by rank and file workers.

Only this can ensure that the crime will not go unpunished and that justice would be done. A crime committed so brazenly should and must be punished with imprisonment !


2)Full Freedom of Union organization and respect to Trade Union rights:

The core issue of this incident is focussed on freedom to organize under a trade union of choice. No one has the right to dictate what organization the workers should join or not join. The decision is one which workers will take consciously and can’t be done under duress. The General manager only to save his skin, has favored trade unions which are less militant unions who won’t raise a finger at his corrupt practices.


Ever since the issue of his malpractices were raised BSNL EU has been under attack in Ghaziabad with threats of eviction of their offices and transferring members with the intention of breaking the union. Such condemnable practices cannot be tolerated, we must be ready to fight for the right of freely organizing in trade unions and for the freedom of agitation.




We call for the ouster and immediate arrest of Adesh Kumar!




We call for democratic campaign for respecting trade union’s rights and the right to organize!




2 Responses to Statement in support of the BSNL strike on 16th November

  1. Alexander Mani says:

    Comrade, at outset, i strongly condemn the murder of Com SP Singh and demand action against the GM and others involved. But where i differ is with your perception that BSNLEU is the most militant Union in BSNL at present.Had that been the case, the GM would have been arrested by now. In my experience of 35 years, I have never seen such a spineless Union in BSNL or DOT before. My sympathies with the murdered comrade and with BSNLEU as well.

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