On the 71st anniversary of Comrade Leon Trotsky’s martyrdom

– Aayan Golzar

There is an oft quoted phrase that, “You can jail the revolutionary, but you can’t jail the revolution. You can kill the freedom fighter but you can’t kill the fight for freedom”. On the 71st anniversary of Trotsky’s assassination, these words ring more true than ever. All over the world today, there are revolutionary mobilizations breaking out, fromIndia in the east, through the Arab world tillEurope in the west. Not even the great citadel of world imperialism that is theUSA is spared the growing wrath of its working class who has now emerged after decades of hibernation. The Wisconsin struggle is indicative of just that! Though the great revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky was martyred on this day in 1940, his ideas remain an inspiration and the revolutionary spirit which he and the Bolsheviks under the leadership of Lenin, had ignited in 1917, remain strong and immortal. Though Comrade Trotsky is no longer with us in body, he is with us in spirit, and his spirit lives in the multitudes that have come out in struggle all over the world.

71 years ago on this day in the year 1940, an agent of the NKVD assassinated Leon Trotsky, who was then the leader of the 4th international which he had founded merely a year before. The attack was made under Stalin’s orders and was part of his plan to destroy the last remaining great Bolshevik leader of the Russian revolution. This move was aimed at simultaneously destroying the 4th international internationally and paving the way for the continuance of the Stalinist counter revolution in the USSR. Even though the Stalinist bureaucracy succeeded in its immediate aims, they could not hold back the rising tide of world revolution world over. The Soviet Union would have long been destroyed by the policies of the Stalinists who were in bed with the likes of Hitler before the 2nd world war.  Throughout the decade of the 1930s the bureaucracy carried out a systematic purge of the best officers of the Red Army and subjected it to the most insidious kind of corruption. The trend of undermining the Soviet Union reached a high point with Stalin signing the Non-Aggression Pact with Hitler. This led to the Soviet Union lowering its guard against the Nazis and letting the German war machinery literally roll over Eastern Europe up to Russia’s border. But despite all of this the workers state withstood the force of reaction. The Red Army which Comrade Trotsky had created for the defense of the Russian revolution and to fight through the civil war ultimately prevailed. With the victory of the Soviet Union and the expansion of the Russian revolution throughout Eastern Europe, the peoples of Asia rose up in struggle and overthrew the rule of the bourgeois in China, Vietnam and Korea within the same decade of the 40s. In India the workers and peasants were able to throw out the British colonialists, due in no small part to the efforts of the BLPI *(The Indian section of the 4th international) who led the naval mutiny. All of these victories were achieved despite of the hardcore counter-revolutionary leaderships the working class and its allies got throughout Asia and Europe. Even though the organization of revolution and that of the 4th international was undermined by severe repression from the forces of counter revolution, be it from imperialism, Stalinism or Fascism, the forces of Bolshevism under the 4th international fought for the world revolution and held high the banner of a Socialist revolution.

Many would be quick to point out the collapse of the 4th international in the decades to follow the 2nd world war and the continued existence of Bolshevism as a ‘fringe’ in the spectrum of the left, to mock and undermine the great sacrifice of Trotsky, and Bolsheviks world over. For them the notion of victory itself is so narrow that they could never comprehend of the high principled beliefs of Bolshevik revolutionaries’ world over. Our victory is not the victory of the party alone, nor of the 4th international or one of its sections winning an election. Bolshevism triumphs when the working class triumphs. The triumph of Bolshevism is the triumph of revolution. The True victory of Bolshevism is the victory of the revolutionary proletariat and its allies in achieving Socialism. Where ever there is a struggle for Socialism, there will be the forces of Bolshevism actively working towards aiding that struggle. Where ever there is the revolutionary proletariat, there will stand the 4th international and the force of Bolshevism fighting to lead it towards revolution. We are led in spirit by the principles of Bolshevism which were expressed through the work of Leon Trotsky and the sacrifices he and the Bolsheviks made for the World Socialist revolution. The principles of revolutionary internationalism, of worker’s democracy, and the permanent revolution!

The greatest obstacle as comrade Trotsky had pointed out in the transitional programme was that of absence of revolutionary leadership. This is truer than ever in this century. Our supreme task today presents itself in rebuilding the shattered organization of the world party of revolution that is the 4th international. On this 71st anniversary of Comrade Leon Trotsky’s martyrdom, let us all make a pledge to hold high the banner of revolutionary struggle and join in whole heartedly to the task facing us, that of rebuilding the 4th international !

Long live Leon Trotsky!

Long live Bolshevism!

Onwards to the Permanent Revolution!

Rebuild the 4th international!


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