Statement of Solidarity with Dr. Binayak Sen


Statement in solidarity with Dr. Binayak Sen

On the 25th of December while the world celebrated Christmas, Dr. Binayak Sen was being sentenced to a life in prison. The reason? For purportedly supporting anti state forces namely the naxalites. The opinion of the Raipur session’s court here is that Dr. Binayak Sen is guilty of sedition. This constitutes one of the gravest of offences in Indian criminal law. Consequently an unusually harsh sentence of life sentence was accorded. What is more is that the conviction itself was based on evidence which can at best be called tenuous. The prosecution for example relied on evidence as tenuous as reference to Dr. Sen as “Comrade” to push the case in the direction of proving his purported Maoist linkages. The primary piece of evidence as well was tenuous whereby a supposed “chain” of correspondence was purported to have existed with Dr. Sen as a principle character binding him and two other co accused in a “conspiracy”. With trumped up charges like these that the sessions court convicted the renowned Human Rights activist Dr, Binayak Sen to life in prison! Such an order has been flayed by imminent jurists like Soli Sorabjee as well for being a shame to the Indian judicial system. The conviction is in every way condemnable farce which has all the hallmarks of an unjustifiable witch hunt against human rights activist especially those operating in the so-called “Red belt”.


Our Stand: Hands off Dr. Binayak Sen! :

We the new wave group express our unconditional support and solidarity with Dr. Sen in his struggle against the bourgeois state and we put forward the following demands:

1) To drop all charges filed against Dr. Sen:

The conviction of Dr. Sen is being framed on trumped up charges which serve only to harass a committed human rights activist who has been justifiably unraveling the dirty inconvenient truth of India’s underbelly. The Raipur session’s court judgment stands in clear violation of the principles of freedom of speech and dissent which are pillars of inalienable democratic rights enshrined in the Indian constitution. It is in the interests of the masses in the country to consistently expand on the scope for agitation against the State.

2) And repeal all undemocratic laws:

Dr. Sen and many others like him have fallen victim to the strong arm of the bourgeois state and its undemocratic laws. We demand a repealing of all such laws which limit the scope for just democratic agitation and freedom of speech which give the state undue power to persecute dissidents. Laws like the UAPA, CPSPA and others which work only to strengthen the terror machinery of the bourgeois state, restrict the scope of agitation for democratic rights. Additionally, we call for a complete demilitarization of the red belt zone and an end to anti-“Maoist” operations. These operations are but an excuse to effect the further proletarianization of the people of the East Indian countryside with little security if at all being offered to the people living there.


The struggle doesn’t end with Dr. Sen:

The struggle to free Dr. Binayak Sen must not be understood merely as a single issue struggle beginning and ending with Dr. Sen’s freedom from imprisonment. This is a struggle against the very system that represses the oppressed classes in society. Indian democracy has proven itself to be contradictory, flawed and incapable of securing the most basic democratic rights for its citizenry. The working class and its allies struggle to expand the scope for democratic struggle within bourgeois democracy, but the bourgeois state inevitably moves towards coercing such dissent. The dichotomy between democracy and bourgeois power via the state cannot be sustained keeping democracy intact. In order to secure the fullest democratic aspirations of the oppressed classes there is no alternative to the uninterrupted struggle for socialism!

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