International Solidarity with the BSNL struggle

[ We recieved this message of solidarity from the CONLUTAS in Brazil expressing their solidarity with the BSNL strike. We appreciate their genuine concern for the struggle for defense of BSNL and whole heartedly accept this message of solidarity sent by them ] .

Central Sindical e Popular
Sede: Praça Padre Manuel da Nóbrega, 36 – 6º andar – Sé
CEP: 01015-000 – São Paulo – São Paulo / Brasil
Fone: (11) 3107-7984

Solidarity with BSNL employees

Brothers and Sisters

We, the CSP-Conlutas, are a new militant Labor Federation in Brazil commited to International Solidarity.

We learned about the great 3-day strike all employees of BSNL are going on at this moment.

In Brazil, the large Telecom company and all its state branches were privatized in the 1990s.

The results are negative for the working people: More than half of the employees were laid off, working conditions got much worse, labor rights are not enforced. On the top of that the quality of the services decreased and the telephone bills soared.

That is what privatization is about. The priority are profits not people, be they customers or employees.

For these reasons we want to express our full support for your struggle against privatization and for wages, jobs and working conditions.

Longlive the struggle of BSNL employees!
Workers of all the World Unite!

Dirceu Travesso
on behalf of CSP-Conlutas Brazil

Sao Paulo, December 1st, 2010


Dirceu Travesso


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